Calling all dads for back up!

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Hey all you moving mommies! After a recent conversation I had, I wanted to share my thoughts and findings on a topic that I feel most of you will be able to relate to.

Shortly after the birth of my son, after looking in the mirror, I said to myself, this excess body fat has to go! I realized that it would be a process, especially after having given birth naturally, and finding out that the birth of your first child certainly takes a lot out of you… To say the least! One of my questions was how would I find time to workout again, especially with all the new and added responsibilities that come with parenthood and a new born.

Initially I found myself making excuses, something I think we are all guilty of at some point in our lives, but then I realized, I could either make excuses and not workout, or I could find a way and get results. I decided to get results.

I have found that all hubbys love to see their wives being active and staying fit and healthy. Its not necessarily because they want us to look like supermodels and eat bird feed (however I have talked to some who do lol!) But its more because they love to see us taking care of ourselves, working towards a goal, becoming more disciplined, becoming the best version of ourselves, and of course looking hot and sexy for them!

I’m yet to find any husband, fiancé, boyfriend etc, that does not like it when his wife, fiancé, girlfriend etc, goes to workout. Furthermore I’m yet to find a husband that is not willing to watch the kids or take care of some responsibilities around the home so that his wife can have time to workout. In some cases the males really want to say to their female companions as they are trying on clothes “hey honey, are you going to the gym today?” however so many times that turns in to her saying “are you calling me fat?” Or better yet when we females ask “honey do these jeans make my but look big?” And he replies, “no honey, your butt makes your butt look big.” We all know this is a losing conversation for all parties concerned.

So what is the solution? It is quite simple. Ask your husband, fiancé, boyfriend etc. to watch the kids, take care of some responsibilities around the home so that you can go to the gym to exercise and get yourself looking all hot and sexy for him. I guarantee you he will be happy to help you make time to get your workout on.

So moving mommies today I CHALLENGE you to go and ask your hubby for back up; ask him to watch the kids for 45 minutes while you go focus on you, make it short and sweaty 🙂 and come back one happy mommy creating one happy family while feeling empowered the rest of your day…

Strength in all Things

– Bridget


  1. Great article! Hilarious and encouraging! We could all use a little back up from to time 😉 I know I do! Thanks for the inspiration, Bridget! 🙂

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