Workout tips for the busy mom

workout clothes 2Let’s face it, all moms are busy.  The last thing moms need is another task to add to their to-do-list.  So, how do you find time to workout? Well, I’ve come up with 4 points that have made a world of difference in my life. It allows me to stay consistent and on track to reach my fitness goals.  Here they are!

1. Plan ahead.  Sunday night I plan my week. I block out time each day in my schedule specifically for working out.  In doing this, I don’t feel guilty about other chores or projects that I need to finish, because I know that my health is a top priority and its in my planner.  So it has to get done.  I have also found it works well if you block off the specific time the kids take a nap during the day.

2.  Know your objective.  Know what you are trying to accomplish in your workout for that day.  Is it a strength day, or endurance, or maybe a mobility and flexibility day? Know what you are going to be doing, that way you don’t waste time trying to come up with things to do.

3.  Focus on quality not quantity.  A big mistake many people make, especially when short on time, is sacrificing quality movement, through exercise, for quantity of movement.  So instead of saying “I’m going to do 50 push ups in this workout no matter what”, its better to say “I have a goal of doing 50 pushups with perfect form, but as soon as my form gets sloppy I will rest/stop”.  Often times people get injured not from lifting heavy weight, but from moving incorrectly.  Keep the form good and live to exercise another day injury free.

4.  Reward yourself.  In life its the little things that compound over time that makes all the difference. The things that are easy to do and easy not to do.  Stay focused on your goals, and realize that change happens daily, not in a day.  So reward yourself for a job well done. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, it can be something simple.  New workout clothes, your favorite healthy treat, etc.

So busy moms let’s get moving! Lets remove all excuses, stay focused on our goals, and remember that your greatest wealth is your health. Strength in all things!



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