What is a Foam Roller, and why should I be using one?

foam roller 2A foam roller is a tool that is used for self myofascial release. Myofascial release is a type of soft tissue therapy. It is generally used for the treatment of skeletal muscle tightness/immobility and soreness. The theory is that it will help improve blood and lymphatic circulation, while relaxing muscles that are contracted, and also aids in stimulating the stretch reflex in those muscles.

Who should be using a foam roller? Originally thought to benefit only athletes, and used primarily by physical therapist and strength coaches, it is now becoming common knowledge that individuals from all walks of life can benefit from the effects of foam rolling. We have had countless clients, both athletes and non athletes, implement foam rolling into their life with amazing results; some to the point of getting them completely out of pain.

How do you use a foam roller? It is a very simple process. With the foam roller on the ground you put pressure on the specific muscle or muscle group you want to work on. You do this by slowly rolling back and forth over the muscle while applying moderate pressure. When you find specific tender/sore spots, hold the foam roller on those spots for anywhere from 10-45 seconds. Then continue to roll back and forth over that muscle. You should notice much relief, and less tension in those muscles. Do not foam roll joints. Remember it is for muscle tissue not bones/joints.

What kind of foam roller should I use? My favorite is the grid which you can get Here. I have tried many different ones over the years and have found this one to offer the greatest bang for your buck. It is a great size and you don’t have to worry about it flattening out and not doing the job.

So get foam rolling! See, feel and experience the benefits that athletes, physical therapists and strength coaches have known about for years. You won’t regret it!
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