Fall Stroller Boot Camp

How can you get fit this fall? Have fun with your baby? Meet other mamas all at the same time? Join Bowling Green’s 1st Stroller Boot Camp! Come Breathe in the fall air with your baby while sculpting and toning your body and enjoying much needed social time with other fearless and fun mamas! Mamas of all […]

Calling all dads for back up!

Hey all you moving mommies! After a recent conversation I had, I wanted to share my thoughts and findings on a topic that I feel most of you will be able to relate to. Shortly after the birth of my son, after looking in the mirror, I said to myself, this excess body fat has […]

What is the Functional Movement Screen?

Over the last few weeks we have gotten a barrage of questions regarding the Functional Movement Screen. Some of these questions include, what is it? Why use it and how does it work? And who is it for/what does it do? I wanted to answer them, taking information directly from the source at www.functionalmovement.com Q. […]

Are You Average?

After a recent conversation with a fellow personal trainer, it sparked the question: how many pullups can the average american male perform? After some research I found the answer, which in a certain sense is nothing short of embarrassing. The number of pullups the average american male can perform is a big whopping 1! Now […]


Having an exercise with the word “dead” in it you know it is a serious lift; one to not be taken lightly. So what is a Deadlift? Simply put, a Deadlift is nothing more then bending or “hinging” at the hips, while maintaining a neutral spine, with minimal knee bend, in order to pick up […]