What is a Foam Roller, and why should I be using one?

A foam roller is a tool that is used for self myofascial release. Myofascial release is a type of soft tissue therapy. It is generally used for the treatment of skeletal muscle tightness/immobility and soreness. The theory is that it will help improve blood and lymphatic circulation, while relaxing muscles that are contracted, and also […]

5 moves you should be doing if you are not

Often times we get caught up in the latest, newest and hottest fitness trends and or products. I think it’s just part of who we are as humans to want variety and a little spice in life. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  However when it comes to exercise and fitness we don’t need […]

What is the Functional Movement Screen?

Over the last few weeks we have gotten a barrage of questions regarding the Functional Movement Screen. Some of these questions include, what is it? Why use it and how does it work? And who is it for/what does it do? I wanted to answer them, taking information directly from the source at www.functionalmovement.com Q. […]

Personal Training Bowling Green

If you need a personal trainer in Bowling Green, Ky, look no further than Spears Fitness! We offer personal training in Bowling Green for strength training, weight loss, improved athletic performance, and much more. We are Bowling Green’s fitness professionals. Our specialty is Russian Kettlebell training, free weights, aerobics, cardio fitness, swimming, nutritional consulting, and […]

Latissimus Dorsi Lock-Down

Spears Fitness demonstrating how to properly “lock down” the “lats” for exercise and fitness.