I have been involved with fitness throughout most of my life and have gone through workouts with various trainers, but I have to say Josh was incredible. He was definitely the most thorough trainer I have worked with. He was a stickler on form, (which took me a while to get!) but didn’t make me feel dumb for having to go over and over certain kettlebell exercises. He also did a great job explaining the benefits and ‘whys’ behind kettlebell training verses other training forms. I felt like I walked away from my sessions with him with a much greater knowledge of how to use my body as a unit in my workouts, how to improve my posture (like keeping my spine all aligned) and with an excitement about my next training session.(along with a nice sore butt and hammies! haha ) I have gone down a few pants sizes as a result of his training methods. I highly recommend Josh Spears to anyone looking for results–whether it’s strength & flexibility, endurance, etc. Just awesome!

-Angelina – KY, USA

My first time training with Josh i was extremely impressed with his friendliness and knowledge about kettlebells! He is absolutely amazing at working with the individual body and teaching one how to utilize every muscle for everyday activities.

Before I stated training with josh I had a very difficult time grasping the kettlebell techniques, however josh saw that it was simply because i had very tight hip flexors
and hamstrings. So with a lot of patience and various stretches he focused on loosening them before allowing me to bell.. as a result WOW it made all the difference in the world!! every session with josh is a kick butt workout and i walk (crawl!! hahaha) from it feeling inner health and outer beauty!!!!

-Bridget – California, USA

Josh is very good, precise and very exact with his training. I know this from being a dancer for 10 plus years. He uses videos so you can see exactly what you are doing right or wrong, which I find to be a great help.

Seeing and correcting your mistakes right away by visuals is one of the very best ways to learn. He is very knowledgeable about the kettlebell and how and why it works the way it does on your body. He is very patient and never makes you feel dumb, especially, if you don’t get it at first. He is also VERY conscious about safety, which at my age (pushing 60) is very important. I highly recommend him for anyone (no matter what your age) to use him as your trainer.

-Anne – Ky, USA

My first experience with weight training was my freshman year of college. I had no idea what I was doing and walked into the gym practically blind. Josh accommodated me right away; he was friendly and helpful right off the bat. I told him what my goals were, and he knew just what to do! Not only did he set up a workout plan for me, but he took me around the gym and showed me how to complete every exercise properly. He kept track of my sets for me, and when I got discouraged, he was right there beside me lifting my spirits, and encouraging me. Josh helped me achieve my fitness goals and more. He made what had seemed impossible and boring on my own, fun and exciting! He is very knowledgeable, and more than ready and willing to help out!

-Chelsey – Wisconsin, WI

Josh is an amazing trainer who helped me set goals and attain them in short period of time. He is encouraging and has a vast knowledge in regard to fitness. I would highly recommend Josh as a personal trainer to anyone seeking a trainer!

-Genae – Salem, OR

Josh was the first trainer I’d ever worked with (and the best!), and I’ve used his techniques ever since. I’ve had advice from several people, some trainers and some friends, but as a skinny guy trying to gain weight their techniques usually didn’t work that well for me.

Josh understood my goals and tailored a workout plan as well as nutrition advice that gave me fantastic gains! He helped me ease into lifting, safely lifting more weight with the right form to avoid injury. Learning the right form was difficult at first but he was very patient and adamant, and would show me over and over again if necessary or would describe it differently which was very helpful.

Once I learned the right form and had lifted easy weights for a couple of weeks, he challenged me every workout to push myself to the limit while still making sure I had correct form and giving me pointers. He also gave me a wide variety of exercises to strengthen muscles I didn’t know I had and once I mastered them, he’d give me new exercises!

As a former construction worker going to college I thought I was fairly strong but after a few workouts with Josh, being completely sore and tired, I realized I was going to get a lot stronger. And I did! He also helped me realize that looking big isn’t everything and I eventually took pride in gaining strength and not just weight, though I did gain a much needed fifteen pounds by following his advice on eating the right foods at our cafeteria and working out three to four times a week.

It became a mind calming and welcome break from studies to hit the gym and push my body to the limit with Josh’s competent and friendly guidance and supportive yet challenging encouragement.

I don’t think I’ve been as healthy or happy since that year and if I had the opportunity to workout with Josh again I definitely would!

-Eli – Denver, CO

Josh Spears was my first trainer at the gym. He made me feel extremely comfortable using the weights and exercise equipment right away.

Josh created a perfect workout plan centered around what I wanted to personally achieve. He stayed with me through each workout, and made sure I completed my goals throughout the year.

Josh is incredibly professional and not only teaches you what you need to do, but WHY you need to do it. He goes at your pace, but never fails to encourage and motivate you through each workout. I highly recommend Josh Spears to anyone in need for a well-rounded, friendly, informative personal trainer!

-Celeste – Orange County, California

I have always been active my entire life, as I have been dancing since the age of two. I’ve never been motivated to workout or exercise beyond my dancing. A few years ago, I began competing in Miss America pageants and realized I was definitely not in swimsuit shape. So, I decided to check out the facility at school. That’s where I met Josh. He showed me how to use different pieces of equipment – most of which I had never even seen before – and showed me several different exercises that were independent of machines.

Not being a work out guru, I needed LOTS of help. Josh was very patient and understanding. He established a work out routine for me to follow and helped me every step of the way. He never made me feel uncomfortable or like I couldn’t do something. He always encouraged me and pushed me to keep going.

I’ve talked to other trainers at area gyms and never found anyone who ever made me look forward to a work out like Josh always did. I recommend him as a trainer to anyone who needs one! I lost not only weight, but inches, from following his workout, and went on to become Miss Ohio Valley. If he can motivate and help me.. he can motivate and help anyone!

-Brandi, former Miss Ohio Valley

Being a competitive track and field athlete, and a former competitive soccer player and cheerleader, I have worked with many trainers throughout the years. However, none of them have given me the encouragement or cutting edge techniques that Josh has.

Josh goes out of his way to do extra research on specific questions that I have, and has helped me create a specific workout plan tailored to all my athletic needs. His zeal for health and fitness as well as his motivation for perfection has been an inspiration to me, encouraging me to give 100% in all areas of my life.

With Josh’s help, I have improved tremendously as an athlete. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a professional and knowledgeable, as well as friendly and passionate, trainer.

-Andrea – Chicago, IL